Critical Need

Help! Lonnie & Jeannie here –

Church leadership encourages ministry “Speakers/Directors” NOT to go online to support appeals, because quite frankly, they come in from all over the Planet–daily.
But here’s an exception:

COVID-19 has demolished blind musician Stephanie Dawn’s “The Dawn of Hope Ministry”—her family’s only source of income. This website usually lists hundreds of appointments. But, for a year and a half, there have been NONE.


Another Urgent Matter

**Another critical situation for the family now, is that they are going to have to leave their home on June 25, due to it being sold. They could use the motorhome, as a home, as well as transportation in their ministry. So, they need help IMMEDIATELY.

If hundreds of us could donate $1,000 (or portions thereof), it would be possible for them to move into a motorhome. This would permit them to re-boot their ministry, and have the RV serve as their “home-on-wheels” to transport them to new appointments. Let’s not permit her ministry to stop. It has blessed thousands already.

Do you have a 40-foot MOTORHOME that you’d like to donate?
Do you have a CAR that you’d like to donate?

Jeannie and I are committed to $1,000. Can we count on your support today?



1. Through this WEBSITE using the GET INVOLVED tab.

2. FACEBOOK (www.facebook.comThe/DawnofHopeMinistry)


4. Direct Deposit to PAYPAL ( … (At the bottom of the page, you can pay by Credit Card, ithout having to sign up for PayPal.)

5. ZELLE ( Stephanie said –
“In order to donate with Zelle, you can either use my stepdad Dann’s e-mail address or phone number. His e-mail address is, and his phone number is 218-340-1000. You will see him listed as Danny Thornton when you donate through Zelle.”

6. MAIL CHECKS payable to:
The Dawn of Hope Ministry,
P. O. Box 25794, Prescott Valley, AZ 86312

Donations of large or small amounts would be so appreciated. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY.