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We have many Projects that we would like to shine some light on. They’re updated regularly and can vary with regards to the purposes they serve. Your donations are very much appreciated and will go towards wonderful causes.

Our Mission

The mission of Dawn of Hope Ministry is to use songs and spoken messages to share the message of God’s love and grace to those who feel they have no hope.

Our family’s desire is to use Dawn of Hope Ministry as a tool for communicating God’s message of hope to a hurting world through song and testimony. God has taught us priceless lessons about His love and grace through the trials we’ve experienced, and we feel called to share these lessons with others in order that they might receive comfort and encouragement in the midst of the challenges they are facing. We desire to help those who are broken to discover the blessings that are found in brokenness, and to help those who feel helpless to discover God’s strength that is made perfect in weakness. There are many people who do not allow God to work in their lives because they misunderstand His character, and we strive to help those who have this struggle to see God’s love and grace on a deeper level. It is our hope and prayer that God will use the concerts we present to lead others to surrender their broken hearts to Him, holding nothing back, allowing Him to do the healing work in their lives that only He can do.


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